Co-directed by me and live action director Andy Blackburn for Morrisons Little Big, we worked really hard to bring a spontaneous and gently funny performance to the basic narrative outlined in the script. There were a bunch of scenes we had a wish list for, but ultimately wanted to allow our leading lady (Ypatia Van de Bourry-Konstantis) the space to be as natural and as free to ad lib as possible, so that we could make the funniest, most genuine edit from the footage we got on the day. The animation was loosely planned before the shoot and was finally drawn over the top of the live action frame by frame in Flash. Despite being digital, I wanted the final look of the animation to be subtly textured and have a tactile quality so it was mixed with pastel and watercolour textures to fit in with the gently hand held live action of the commercial.

Animation director: Vida Vega
Live Action director: Andy Blackburn

Production Company: Tandem Films
Producer: Lottie Hope
Advertising Agency: DLKW Lowe
Creative Director: Tom Hudson
Agency Producer: Abigail Tarrant
Director of Photography: Rob Wilton
Animators: Tim McCourt, Vida Vega, Freya Hotson
Compositor: Jonathan Topf
Post production: Rushes
Editor: Veronique Pinot
Colourist: Denny Cooper
Sound: Grand Central